10th WCPT Africa Congress, May 19-24, 2014

Join us! 10th WCPT Africa Congress, Lusaka, Zambia. May 19-24, 2014.

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10th WCPT Africa Congress, May 19-24, 2014

10th WCPT Africa Congress, opens in Lusaka, Zambia. May 19-24, 2014.

Message from the Regional Chairman

"Physiotherapy keeps moving forward in Africa"
Jean Damascene - WCPT Africa Region ChairSince June 2012, a new Executive committee for Africa Region has been elected. We are currently living in a global world that is moving faster where science and technology are affecting all aspects of our life, including health. Africa populations are facing many challenges in health sector that need to be addressed and Physiotherapists must be well prepared and equipped to play their role. We must move forward in areas of education and training, clinical practice (regulations), continuing professional development and research. All aspects of our health sector must be addressed in order to identify our intervention areas in prevention, rehabilitation care and in palliative care.

African Physiotherapists must be leaders who are confident, ready to affront and overcome all challenges that may prevent them to fulfill their mission/vision and be able to occupy their true place in the Health Sector in Africa and the World. We must therefore explore all scientific advances and use all opportunities we have to improve our practices in order to provide good quality care to our clients living in our communities. Read More>>

Jean Damascene

Welcome to Zambia, Venue of 2014 WCPT Africa Region Congress

Fellow Africa Region Physiotherapy Practitioners and International Physiotherapy Practitioners worldwide! On behalf of the Zambia Society of Physiotherapy and the Africa Region of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT Africa) I am honoured to invite you to the 10th WCPT Africa congress to be held in Lusaka, Zambia, May 19 - 23, 2014.

The theme of the 10th bi-annual Africa region Congress is "From advocacy to action against non communicable diseases (NCDs)" and it aims  Read More>>