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The WCPT Africa Region

WCPT Africa RegionThe The World Confederation for Physical Therapy - Africa Region (WCPT-A) was created in 1991 as an autonomous regional organisation of the world body, WCPT. WCPT Africa is one of the five regions of WCPT, is a non-profit organisation comprising 101 Member Organisations (including 16 from Africa) which, together, represent more than 300,000 physical therapists worldwide. WCPT is organized into regions in order to encourage opportunities for more frequent contact among members with similar cultural, economic and social outlooks.

The inception of the Africa region took off with a small number of countries consisting of South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The African regional membership has continued to grow at a steady pace. WCPT-A has been active in supporting its Member Organisations achieve better structured physical therapy services and education programmes. We are slowly witnessing the replacement of physiotherapy diplomas with higher degrees. As regional meetings continue to be held on a regular basis, the potential of regionalization will continue to be exploited to the full.

1991 - Inaugural meeting of WCPT Africa hosted by Zambia
1994 - First regional congress and meeting held in Kenya
1996 - Second regional congress and meeting held in Zimbabwe
1998 - Third regional congress and meeting held in South Africa
1999 - 1ST African physiotherapist to be elected WCPT Vice president - Dorcas Madzivire (Zimbabwe)
2000 - Three WCPT Africa member countries represented the region at the EBP expert meeting organized by WCPT in London
2001 - Fourth regional congress and meeting held in Uganda
2002 - WCPT Executive committee meets in Kenya
- First regional mini-conference held in Swaziland - outcome: Swaziland manifesto
2003 - WCPT Africa's CBR document presented to the WCPT general meeting
2004 - Fifth regional congress ad meeting held in Zambia
2005 - Second regional mini-conference held in Namibia - Namibia manifesto produced
2006 - Sixth Regional meeting and congress held in Tanzania
2007 - Regional website launched in preparation for the congress in Nigeria
- 2nd Africa physiotherapist to be elected WCPT Vice president - Zola Dantile (South Africa)
2008 - Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy hosts a very succesful 7th regional meeting and congress
- WCPT Africa secretariat established in South Africa
2009 - Regional newsletter revived