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WCPT Africa and APTA Neurology Section to Collaborate on Professional Development of African Physiotherapists

03.05.2015 13:21:39 | WebMaster
WCPTA and APTA Neurology Leaders Meeting in Singapore 2015
From L-R: Martha Banda, Joyce Mothabeng, Esther Nkandu, Dennis Fell, Emmanuel John and Jonathan Quartey

Singapore, May 3, 2015: The Executive Committee of the WCPT Africa Region met with the Leadership of the Neurology Section of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), to deliberate on potential collaborations bordering on education and practice in Africa. The meeting was brokered by Dr. Emmanuel John, a Nigerian educated African physiotherapist now based in the USA, and also a member of the APTA Neurolgy section leadership. In attendance at the meeting were:

- Dr. Emmanuel B. John - Meeting Convener
- Prof. Dennis Fell - APTA Neurology Section
- Prof. Deborah Larsen - President, APTA Neurology Section (Joined meeting via Skype)
- Dr. Jane Sullivan - APTA Neurology Section (Joined meeting via Skype)
- Mr. Jonathan Quartey - President, WCPT Africa Region
- Dr. Martha Banda - Recorder
- Dr. Esther Munalula Nkandu - Africa Region Representative on WCPT Executive Board
- Dr. Joyce Mothabeng
The meeting was opened by Dr E. B. John who explained the purpose of the meeting  as being to explore the possibility of a collaboration between APTA Neurology Section and WCPT-A in offering continuing professional development courses to physiotherapists in Africa, and perhaps physiotherapy entry-level education support from African Universities. This potential collaboration is expected to start in the form of continuing education courses by Neurology Section experts. A brief description of the collaboration package in neurologic physiotherapy was outlined focusing on the following;
1 Short courses
 1.1 Theory component
 1.2 Practical skills development
2 Short courses would be in;
  1. Acute stroke management
  2. Parkinson’s diseases management
  3. Diagnosis
  4. Outcome Measures
  5. Clinical Decision Making
  6. Neuroplasticity
The meeting ended with the following plans of action divided into two phases;
Short - term phase (vision 2020):
  • Video content followed by face-to-face in West Africa, probably a combined training workshop for Nigeria and Ghana during their Annual General meetings.
  • Then second phase would be face-to-face in Zambia targeting SADC Countries.
  • It is envisioned that by 2030, training in most African countries would be at doctoral level
  • The two training workshops would be used as a pilot project (activity) which will be launched in 2016.
WCPT 2017 Joint Programing
There was an agreement to work towards WCPT Africa Region and the APTA Neurology Section to offer a Joint Neurology Physiotherapy Course Workshops/Seminars during forthcoming WCPT 2017 Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

The WCPT Africa executives agreed to involve the private sector in Africa to assist as corporate sponsors of these planned collaborations.