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Sub- Regional Congresses - 2018 

These will Sub-region organised Congress that will be running in 2018 by specified sub-regions.
- East Africa Sub-Region Congress 
- West Africa Sub-Region Congress
- Southen Africa Sub-Region Congress

Benin WCPT-A 2020 Congress

All the region together, working to raise physiotherapy practice. This Congress will be held in Benin 2020 in French. English speaking participants will get translation organized in such way to maximize the outcome. Benin Physiotherapy Association will pay a big role and local organization. WCPT - Africa Board will be involved in all the management and organization of this important Congress. Detals to be uploaded later. 

WCPT Congress 2019 Geneva 

This will be an event to take place in Geneva in 2019, we call up Africa Physical Therapy Practitioners to start preparing for it by working on research topics to be presented for the overall imporvement of the profession in Africa. Africa Physical Therapy Practitioners will need to participate massively. 
French speaking countries will also have to get involved at a maximum rate. 
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