World Physiotherapy Office

Unit 17, Empire Square
London SE1 4NA, UK

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World Physiotherapy Office

Unit 17, Empire Square
London SE1 4NA, UK

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Joseph Martial CAPO CHICHIMessage from African Region Chair
In July 2020 a new Board for the Region was elected for  three-year terms. This was agreed on by MOs to afford the region realign to its even year of activities.
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Benin Republic 2022

Join us October 27-29, 2022, in the Republic of Benin for the 11th World Physiotherapy Africa Region Congress. Check here for more details.

World Congress 2023

Join Physiotherapists from around the world at the 2023 Congress of World Physiotherapy in Dubai, June 2-4, 2023.

Moving Forward

The World Physiotherapy Africa Region is moving physiotherapy forward in Africa. See how we are doing this…

About Us

The Africa Region of the World Physiotherapy was formed in 1991 as one of the five regional organization of the world body, World Physiotherapy. The Africa region took off with six (6) countries; South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, but now has 27 Member Organizations (MOs). The inaugural meeting of World Physiotherapy Africa Region was hosted by the Zambia Society of Physiotherapy (ZSP) in 1991 and the first Congress and General meeting was held in Nairobi, Kenya in 1994. Read More >>

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is the next African Region Congress?

The next World Physiotherapy Africa Region Congress will be hosted by the Republic of Benin from October 27-29, 2022. Further details will be communicate soon. See Benin 2022 Congress page for more information. Read More →

When and Where is the next World Physiotherapy Congress 2023?

The World Physiotherapy General Meeting and Congress in 2023 will be hosted by Emirates Physiotherapy Society, and held in Dubai, united Arab Emirates June 2-4, 2023.

Who are the Members of African Region?

World Physiotherapy Africa Region consists of Member Organizations (MOs) that are located on the African continent. The current MOs in good standing with World Physiotherapy Africa Region can be found HERE.

World Physiotherapy Africa Region – Census Data


WP-Africa Member Countries


No. of Physiotherapists in Africa


Total African Population (Billion)

Cape Town, 2017

Some Member Countries