Priscillah Odonga

Priscilla Odonga
Secretary, WCPT Africa Region

Priscillah Ondoga is a self driven Physiotherapist with a passion for the profession; with special interest in musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (Sports and Ergonomics).

She served as President of the Uganda Association of Physiotherapy 2010- 2012, during which term the public image of Physiotherapy soared.

An active member of the Sport Physiotherapists Uganda sub group; Lobbying & advocacy and the Vice President of the East Africa Physiotherapy Association.

Profile of Priscillah

As Secretary, Priscillah works with other WCPT Africa Region Board members to give leadership and execute WCPT policies in the African Region.

Practicing Physiotherapist, and Vice President of the East Africa Physiotherapy Association

  • Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (Sports and Ergonomics), Lobbying and Advocacy.